We hire a trainee lawyer

AS Recover aims to expand its team of specialists, seeking to have a trainee lawyer willing to work in a friendly and active environment, having the opportunity of an advantageous and stable income, as well as the chance to learn successful law practice within the team.

The trainee lawyer that we are looking for shall have the following responsibilities:

- providing legal assistance, consultancy, representing clients in court or before the authorities;

- drafting legal documents, including legal opinions which regard the encountered cases;

- the willingness to start as soon as possible.


We are looking for law students for paid internship

The professionals from the AS Revover team want to be mentors for students who are eager to apply the legal knowledge acquired at the Faculty of Law. The internship within our company is paid and flexible, depending on the time left after the courses.

If you want to work and learn together with our team, send us an email with your details at or call 021.320.88.13 in order to set an interview.