Leasing recovery


With over 10 years experience in the industry, AS Credit Recover has coagulated important experience and expertise in optimizing recovery procedures, streamlining every stage of these.

Thus, we have created a complete package of services through which we can manage the situation to recover a good from leasing, without other interventions from other companies or experts. Therefore, our team can offer you the complete leasing recovery service, beginning with the preliminary research and investigations, until the effective recovery of the good and its bringing into your property.

We are among the few companies specialized in the recovery of leasing vehicles, having already achieved remarkable results and collaborations with national and international partners.

Specific expertise:

Throughout the 10 years experience, AS Credit Recover has gained a specific expertise, exemplifying below several areas of coverage:

·         Identifying assets hidden by debtors or identifying assets sought by insurance companies, conducting direct on-site investigations at national or international level;

·         Conception and complete implementation of in-traffic vehicle identification systems (GPS fleet monitoring) subject to canceled lease agreements;

·         Recovery of fleets of tens or hundreds of goods, at national level, through amiable procedure or through specific procedures;

·         Institutional co-operation with national and international monitoring bodies (MAI, Interpol etc.);

·         Assisting the client in the negotiation procedures and amiable repossession of movable goods;

·         Identifying or building optimal solutions for continuing and safeguarding ongoing or endangered lease agreements;

·         Construction of partnerships for the provision of leasing recovery services to leasing, insurance and rent a car companies or other companies which conduct activities with movable assets;

·         Laying down complaints (criminal complaints, actions in court etc.) if the restitution of the asset is refused;

·         Manipulation of movable assets for the repossession at the headquarters of the creditor;

·         Leasing recovery of equipment and professional machinery (lathes, production lines, Horeca, slide bridges etc.)


Our team of specialists not only performs the recovery legal procedures, but also performs on-site activitiy, conducting investigations and negotiations on the spot. We thereby provide a complete service of ascertaining the state of the goods and recovering them.

In addition, based on the experience gained in negotiations and complicated situations, we recruited former staff from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, using the legal and operational know-how in several areas of activity.

Storage and capitalization of goods

Storage is done in maximum safety conditions, with 24/7 video surveillance system, smoke detectors, alarm and guard. AS Recover assumes the storage and management of the goods recovered from leasing, aiming the capitalization of the assets so that the creditor is fully satiate.

AS Credit Recover also manages the evaluation procedure and the public auction of the goods.


The purpose of the leasing recovery procedure is to reinstate the creditor into the possession of the goods in an optimal state of operation and free from other legal obligations towards third parties.

Because transparency is important to us, as well as to our clients, we will outline below the central steps that we will take in the recovery procedure of the vehicles offered by leasing. The procedure is presented in general terms because the thorough procedural details represent the commercial secret of the company.

You can see additional information on www.recuperarileasing.com