Car damages recovery


With over 10 years expereience in the effective activity of debt recovery, the AS Recover team provides step-by-step support for everything that is implied by car damages files, from the opening to the effective recovery of the reparation or the damage.

Any car accident involves the routine of the steps towards reparations and compensation. Insurance companies have complex and different procedures for solving the dmages files, thus requiring time and specific knowledge for the correct management of the debt recovery.


Assistance and negotiation

The role of the AS Recover team is to execute these procedures on your behalf in order to quickly and fully recover the damages.

Our car damages experts shall help you with all aspects, knowing the details of the compensation procedures, speaking the insurers language and negotiating the optimum dealings.


Complete reparation

Our experts track every detail in the process of drawing up the documentation of the damages files and negotiate the amount of compensation due for the approved file.

It is essential for us that you obtain the complete and at time reparation of the suffered car damage.