Judicial representation


Being a complex and difficult to manage situation, the lack of professional representation before the court can put you in undesirable situations.

AS Revovers lawyers are specialized in representing clients in front of the Romanian courts, being an important asset for you in order to increase your chances of winning.

AS Recover offers assistance and representation services before the courts in civil cases (in lieu of payment, conversion law, negotiation of contracts, reclamation of abusive clauses, contestation of enforcement and other legal actions in the interest of the consumers protection).

A lawsuit is composed of several elements, namely: a judge who must be convinced and a lawyer who must use every means of persuasion for the benefit of the client. Our team of lawyers specializes in the legal representation of the clients, having an experience of hundreds of lawsuits throughout their uninterrupted activity.

Representation may be legal, conventional or judicial. Parties may act in the lawsuit through a chosen representative, under the legal conditions, safe for the case that the law requires their personal appearance before the court. The parties are therefore free to opt for the solution of conventional representation, which is usually done through a lawyer.

The lawyer of the AS Recover team will justify his legal quality of lawyer by the means of a power of attorney. Legal entities may be conventionally represented in the courts only by a legal counselor or lawyer, unders the legal conditions.

When the court finds the lack of the proof for the representative quality of the one who acted in the name of the party, it will grant a short term in order to cover the deficiencies and, if these are not covered, the request shall be annulled. The exception of the lack of the proof for the representative quality before the first court cannot be pleaded for the first time in the appeal. Within the AS Recover team there are lawyers registered with the Bucharest Bar, component bar of the National Union of Romanian Bars.